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The Ultimate Odor Eliminator for Complete Odor Removal
OdorZout is America's #1 and original all natural Odor Removal product. OdorZout doesn't just mask odors with perfumes or chemicals, it's an all natural Odor Eliminator!

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Wow! This stuff really works, and it is so easy to use. I have a 15 year old cat who had soaked my new sofa with urine. I had done everything I knew of to try to rid it of the stench. Twenty-four hours with Odorzout, and you would never guess there had ever been a problem. I also have a pouch hanging by the litter box. I never intend to be without your product again.

Thank you.

Fran Laurinburg
North Carolina

I do not believe in using chemicals — and have not for over 30 years. I want to protect the environment and protect the animals IN the environment. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for products which are eco and animal friendly. Being involved in animal welfare/rescue and animal rights, I deal with many facets of animal "odor control." The fact that I will not expose the animals nor the environment to harmful chemicals means my choices are limited. I've tried over 5 different natural enzyme (odor-eater) products. None of them have worked long-term. And many of them are inconvenient to use.

Your product is the ONLY one I've found that truly WORKS (specifically, it will get rid of cat urine and cat "spray" odors), and is CONVENIENT to use (does not require scrubbing, blotting, and re-application).

Thank you.

Rae Frederickson
Prescott, Arizona

I will tell you that there has never been a product in the marketplace, which truly removes the cat urine smell from carpet. I also will truthfully tell you that even on recommendation from the Queen of Clean, I did not believe that your product would remove the odor. I am pleased to say that I was proven wrong!

Your product is unbelievable!!

Where have you been all these years? Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Jeanne Kennedy, Mesa, AZ
From a 5 cat and 2 horse family



This is a long over due note to tell you how pleased I am with your product! I ordered the 2 gallon granules in the summer, with a bit of doubt that it would really work. I called your 800 number for advice on how to deal with my problem-a mystery pet smell in a carpeted room.

I had previously removed all the furniture and steamed cleaned the carpet and used all the products to remove pet odors. What a huge I still had a smell! I used the granules as directed and after about a week there was NO MORE ODOR! This odor was so unpleasant, you could not be in the room without opening the window, turning on the ceiling fan and keeping the doors open!

I will never know exactly what caused the odor-I've never smelled anything like it--I am thinking the dogs had something to do with it though. I don't care what caused it as I just wanted the odor gone-and now it finally is-permanently. Even with a rise in humidity-there was no return in any hint of odor. This is a room that is always kept shut-so an odor is very noticeable.

I have used it all through the house weekly to keep smells away. It is part of my weekly routine that I will not change! It is much more economical then the store bought carpet 'fresheners'--and it actually works-not just throwing a scent on the carpet.

I'm planning on ordering the 5-gallon granules bucket in the next few weeks! Thanks!

Adrienne Miller


Hi Dr Stink,

Thank you for the return message. I purchased the granular product from Petsmart in Mesa, took it home and applied it to our living room carpet. It was simply amazing! Almost instantly the odor was gone! How is that possible? We were very happy, but wondered how a product could work this fast? We have been suffering with the cat odor for a few months now. We had tried other products, perfume products to cover the odor up, and as you know they last only for a short time, then it's back. We left the product on the carpet for the night and the next evening vacuumed it up as directed. It has been such a miracle! I will make sure I tell everyone I know about your products. We are very happy.  Thank you again,

Phil & Lori Culotta
Gilbert, AZ

Words can not express how grateful I am that you have made a product that works! I have been telling everyone I know about your product. I plan on giving a few bottles of Odorzout as Christmas presents (to family that is !) This is my story: My cat Gyp just recently had an operation called a PU, basically I tell anyone who asks it's a sex change., anyway, before his operation he was peeing blood on my carpet and after the operation he was still having problems with urinating while he was healing . It has been a long road for the three of us, my cat, me and my carpet. I must have shampooed my rug over a dozen of times using natures miracle, simple solution and numerous other products to get the smell out. I read the Queen of Clean column and I figured what the hell I'll just add that to a long list of other stuff I had tried.When Petsmart finally got it in I told them to hold it for me. Well with just one application over night what a difference. You have renewed my sanity. I could always smell the urine even when my mom said she couldn't, she always said that it was in my nose. Well, you have freed my nose too. I don't smell it anymore and if I do get a whiff of something I just grab the bottle and sprinkle it good bye. I am not afraid to have people over anymore, I thought my guest would be able to smell what I do . Now the only thing my company will be smelling is my cooking!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you!!!! Thank you !!!! Thank you!!!!

Eternally Grateful,
Dee Dempsey


This is the second order I have placed and I want to tell you that this product is the best I have ever used. We have 2 dogs 4 years apart and when we got the second, the "accidents" started. No matter what we did the odor would come back. I sprinkled odorzout on the carpet before Christmas and it still is not back. I want another container to keep on hand for possible future times and for our church parsonage.

Thank you for developing it. You have saved my carpet!!

Margaret Hardy

I never would have thought in a million years that your product would get rid of the cat urine odor in my office. We recently had our 16 year old cat put to sleep. She had urinated against a book case in our home office. The office stunk. We had professional carpet cleaners in but the odors remained. We moved the bookcase and piano and found green from old urine!! I knew I'd have to replace the carpet. We tried odorzout first after seeing it in the queen's book. It was worth a try. I used my own steamer to clean, let it dry and used your product 3 times and the odor is GONE!! The carpet is still discolored but I can put a throw rug over that. I also use it in my litter box and it keeps it smelling clean. You have a customer for life!

Kris Petersen
Lynden, WA


This product is UNBELIEVABLE!! I was so afraid to try Odorzout. I suddenly had an odor in my home and could not find where it was coming from. It was in my furniture and my clothing. I am a clean freak and knew it had nothing to do with dirt or filth. I have a small dog and cat in my home but it was not a pet smell. It was not even a bad smell but a strong sweet smell. I went to Pet-Smart after finding your product on line and bought two bottles of the all purpose. I did as instructed and even put small amounts in a stocking and placed it in all closets. The odor is gone from my home and clothes!! I have told all my friends about Odorzout!

Deana Linkous


What an incredible product. I purchased a very expensive leather purse on Ebay, and didn't ask if it came from a "smoking" or "Non-smoking" home...I was very upset with myself when it came in the mail. It stunk sooo bad I could smell it when still in the fully covered shipping box, through layers
of bubble wrap. I tried everything, and nothing worked, in fact it got worse. I have listened to the Queen for years, and so I gave Odorzout a shot, what did I have to lose? I had to put in and remove the granules 3 times, and on the outside also, as instructed by your wonderful customer service person, and vacuum it out with an attachment. I couldn't believe the results! No more stink, at all!!!! I was dumbfounded, but deliriously happy!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Kay Schmitke



I am SO very happy with your product! I wanted to take the time to share my story with you. I recently purchased a used SUV from someone who was a horrific chain smoker. The SUV was in great condition, except for the horrible odor, the main reason I got such a great deal on it. My husband and kids said they would never ride with me because of the odor. I knew there had to be something to get rid of the odor. (Frankly, it was starting to make me sick too.) So, I checked the Queen of Clean's book and found your product. I went to PetSmart and purchased two OdorZout granule containers and two OdorZout pet pouches. I sprinkled one half of the first container all over the entire inside of the SUV and after the first 24 hours I could already smell the difference! Over the next several days, I sprinkled and vacuumed, sprinkled and vacuumed, just like the directions said. I than put the pet pouches under the seats. The smell is gone! My husband, who is an ex-smoker, can smell the difference and my kids will now ride with me! Thank you so much for having such a wonderful product! You saved me a bundle by not having to reupholster the interior.

I also am a pet owner and will continue to use your product to keep my pet smells under control! I will highly recommend your product!!

Thank you !!

Sharon Weatherman Ahwatukee, Arizona


This product is a God given solution for everything I've tried to "un-stink". My basement, after 25-30 years, had begun to smell. Musty, whatever. It was strong and unpleasant. I called and was told that Odorzout would get the smell out. It would take several applications but it would work. It DID work! It did take several applications as the mustiness was in the floor and walls of the basement but eventually it no longer smelled. Having used this product for over 10 years and my being super sensitive to smells, I've used Odorzout for almost everything. In my car, I put a "plate" full and leave it overnight or 24 hours and it absorbs any smell I've picked up at the grocery store or restaurant. In the car trunk. In the refrigerator. In the pantry. Before they came out with the laundry product, I'd put granules into the washing machine. It worked. I have a musty smell in the closet. I'm in the process of "odorzouting" it. Because of all the rain this year, my crawl space is picking up a musty smell. On-line, I've just ordered two 5 gal. containers so I can catch the smell early. I use the laundry additive and the foot powder. Both work 100%. This product has been an absolute blessing in my life and I truly thank God that this product is out there. I really don't know what I would do without it.



Dr. Stink: I would like to say that even though I have 5 cats, my house never smells of potty litter. I use your cat litter addiive. People that have cats say that they don't smell anything in my home and that their home always smells. I tell them about your products. I have 2 potty litters and they never smell. I have tried all the other products at the pet stores and nothing come close to get the smell out.

Thank you for your product.


LOVE OdorZout!

I have two major ways that OdorZout has saved expensive furniture items.

The first being an old steamer trunk that was from my grandmother. It had a strong old musty/mothball odor. I used it for storage of off season clothing/blankets, etc. So each change of season I would swap out the clothes and have to re-wash and dryclean everything just to get them fresh smelling. Well OdorZout took care of it. I just sprinkled it in, closed the trunk and a day or two later vacuumed out the powder and voila!

The second major save by OdorZout was a brand new Queen size mattress set that had been in a fire. There was no physical damage, just smoke damage which can be hopeless to get rid of! I should mention that the mattress had been put through TWO professional cleanings that couldn't take all the smoke odor out. That's when I tried OdorZout. It saved the mattress and my pocketbook. I've been telling people about OdorZout ever since.

Then there's my husband's formerly stinky shoes.....I can go on and on. :) Thank you so much for this product.


p.s. I have to have a chemical free home due to a child's chemical sensitivities too, so OdorZout gives me peace of mind using it around the house.

This stuff is AMAZING!!!

I seriously thought that I was going to have to buy new furniture - I tried everything I could think of to get our dog smell out of our couch, loveseat and chair. I did 2 applications of the all purpose odor remover and I can't beleive I'm saying this, but the smell is FINALLY gone!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Cathy VanDolder

Gotta tell you! You know I've been horse camping. When we arrived at the campsite, I take Dancer (and a friend if we're hauling) out of the trailer and put him/them on a picket line. I shovel the large chunks of organic matter out of the trailer, spinkle wet/ripe parts of the floor with OdorZout, wait a couple of hours, put down my tarp and set up my cot. By bedtime "eau de stall" is gone. I can't tell you what a difference it has made to the quality of my sleep! (It was pretty ripe before!) A tip of the hat to Dr. Stink! Thanks!

Nancy Longpre Enslin